Famous Trekking in Nainital

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There are 6 famous spots Trekking in Nainital:-

1. Naini Peak- Pangot Trek

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The Naini Peak- Pangot Trek is the famous trekking in Nainital perfect two day adventure for hiking expert. Though Pangot is famous as quite a hamlet and as a bird-watching paradise. The trek starts at Mall road in Nainital and goes through the famous Snow View hill to reach Naini Peak.

We start our day early at 0630 hours and begin with the hot cup of coffee/tea at the dining deck. Sit back and take time to finish you tea/coffee as you watch the birds feed and soak in the fresh mountains air. Naini Peak (as the name suggests, is the highest peak (2611 meters) overlooking Nainital , the mighty Naina Devi Temple, and the surrounding Himalayan mountain ranges. After trekking for a few more hours, and covering a distance of approximately 14 kilometers, you will reach the mountain village of Pangot. Pangot has quite a reputation for bird watching activities, thanks to the rich flora and fauna that surrounds the area. Add picture- perfect sunsets to the mix, you get the perfect place to pitch your camps and spend the night after a tiring hike.

2. Land’s End

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The Land’s End is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure experts. Land’s End located at a height of 2118 meters above sea level which is an advantage to the limitless view. The Land’s End is accessible by walking uphill a beautiful trek.

The Land’s End 4 kilometer hike is perhaps the most rewarding hike in the region. Living up to its unique name, Land’s End peak is literally where the land ends. The short distance of the hike makes it perfect for adventure enthusiasts that are strapped for time. At the same time, the incredible view that surround the trail and the peak are perfect for a day-hike or a picnic with your loved ones. This place is famous trekking in Nainital and land’s end among budding photographers since it offers a picturesque. There is no entry fee to visit the spot. You can visit on all days of the week including public holidays, from sunrise to sunsets but the horse ride can cost between Rs.700 to Rs.800 per person.

3. Tiffin’s Top

Famous Trekking in Nainital-Tiffin top

Tiffin’s Top is a popular trekking and picnic spot in Nainital. It’s a delight for photographers. Embark on an adventure trekking and hiking expedition to Naini Peak and Kilbury in Nainital that will take you through high terraced fields and beautiful landscapes.

Just 4kilometer away from the center of Nainital. A trek of Tiffin Top is a must for adventure seekers and photography lovers. You can pack some food items, and treat yourself to a delicious meal at Tiffin Top. From Tiffin Top visitors can witness birds eye view of beautiful Nainital city and nearby Kumaon hills. The trek start in the morning. The trail start from Nainital and goes till Tiffin Top. You will be back from the trek in the evening time. The hike will cover Camel’s Back point, Tiffin Top and return Naini Lake. This place is a favorite among people of all age groups, tourists and locals alike. Covering a total of approximately 16km in 1day, this trek will surely give you a fresh perspective on an adventure.

4.Guano Hills

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Guano Hills are a trekker’s paradise with unmatched Nature Beauty and amazing tranquility. If you have visited Nainital and not gone on a trekking in Gauno hills, then your trip is incomplete. The trekking location is accessible from the main city of Nainital through bus service or by booking shared or private cabs.

The Guano Hills are located at a height of 1985 meters above sea level, vegetated by a varied flora and some rare bird species. The hills are surrounded by dense forests of oak, bamboo and deodar trees. The narrow roads make it challenging yet exciting trek. To capture the scenic views, a good digital camera is a must. Keep your walking shoes ready for the trek will test your physical endurance. The place is hidden from the cacophony of city life and provides a wonderful opportunity to unwind in the lap of nature.

Opening Closing Time:- Daily 8am to 6pm

5.Kunjkharak Trek

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The famous trekking in Nainital those looking for an offbeat experience near Nainital should not miss Kunjkharak Trek. There are a number of things that make this destination unique. The unique feature of this moist temperature forest is the Khoola (Jhoola) moss that carpets the floor below. Evenings are magical as the setting sun transforms the icy Himalayas across Kunjkharak into gold.

From here you get a magnificent 380 km broad view of the Himalayan range. Kunjkharak is not a hilly trek but a jungle trek. Moreover, the destination is relatively untouched, especially when compared to nearby tourist spots like Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park. Total trekking distance is approximately 36 km, most of which is either a walk on the plains of a downhill hike. The Kunjkharak Trek does go through the villages of Domas and Kumeria, there are hardly any shops on the trail itself.

Difficulty level- Moderate , Altitude- 1343 meters

6.Snow View Peak

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Snow View Peak is one of the famous trekking in Nainital visited places by tourists for watching majestic Himalayas from Nainital. The mountain has a temple to which residents worship. The point is around 3km from the town of Nainital and you can travel there through either cable rope or your car.

The 2,270m high altitude makes this destination a gateway to the snowy valleys and mountains of the Great Himalayas. If you look on the other side, you will have a helicopter view of the Nainital city and Naini Lake. The beauty of snow view peak offers without any entry fees. Best time to visit in snow view peak- March, May, June, September, October, November and December. The temperature can get chilly during winter months starting from September. The temperature generally ranges between 0 degrees to 15 degrees.

The snow view peak is is open all days of the week from 10:30am to 5:00pm except for saturday. Nearest Airport- Pantnagar Airport, 56kms.