History of Uttarakhand

The biography of Uttarakhand

The history of Uttarakhand, at one time Uttaranchal, 27th state of India, located in the north western part of the country. Uttarakhand was formed on 9th November 2000. It is in natural resources especially water and forests with many rivers and snow-clad mountain peaks. Uttarakhand is one of the most resorts sub mountain tracks in India. Some of the highest mountains in the world are founds in Uttarakhand. This destination to explore the riches of Indian culture, history and natural beauty. The history of Uttarakhand bear witness to the many temples that were builts under the Chands of Pithoragarh.

Languages of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand languages

Most of the people of Uttarakhand speak Indo-Aryan language. Other language used in Uttarakhand include Garhwali and Kumauni {both pahadi languages}. The six local languages of Uttarakhand spoken are Hindi, Garhwali, Kumauni, Sanskrit, Jaunsari and Urdu. Almost all people who can speak and understand Garhwali can speak and understand Hindi too. Kumauni is the central pahadi language like Garhwali. As per the Census, there are around 20lakh people in India who mother tongue in Kumauni.

Costumes of Garhwali men or women

Garhwali clothes

Costumes of Garhwali men


The Garhwali men wear a lungi or a dhoti which is the lowest garment and the upper garment is a kurta. However, they also wear woolen jackets and sweaters. This is the most common attire in the community. The fabric depends on the weather conditions here. Mostly the entire of the men are mades of cotton and the fabric is woolen in cold areas.

Costumes of Garhwali women

The Garhwali women wrap saree around them and that is called Sarang. The saree pallu doesn’t interfere the daily work because they are extremely hard working. On top of a full sleeve sweater and they also wear a blouse. Most importantly, Guloband is another object which kind looked like a modern-days choker is also worn. It designed in the bright Colours of the blue band along with golden Coloured squares.

Costumes of Kumauni men

The Kumauni men also wear pajama paired with kurta. For a headgear, they decorate themselves or Topis or turbans are known as Pagdis. After that, they have to travel long distance on foot because it is so much important for them clothes that are comfortable. This is only specific and limited to the region of Kumaon part in Uttarakhand.

Costumes of Kumauni women

The Kumauni women wearing a long skirts that is called Ghagri. Therefore, the women who married wear a black necklace this designed in pure silver and gold. They wear a special type of red dupatta that has either a silver or a gold lace. During the wedding events, the women make sure to wear a Pichora which is handing-dyed and colour yellow. Women who are married make it a point to wear a big Nath or nose rings that cover almost their entire cheek along with silver toe rings and brightly coloured sindoor.